It’s been a while. I write I stop, I write I stop …. See the pattern?
And now, just because it’s January, that’s not going to change. I get busy – I get very boring & blogging doesn’t always get my full attention. But that’s ok, because it’s my blog and when the opportunity arises I’ll get to it.
Now is that time.

The festive period has been fantastical. I managed a 13 day running streak – followed by a few more runs through the month of December, failed the ‘Advent running’ but let’s be honest – I ran a lot more than I usually would in December.

Christmas and all its surrounding days were perfect – couldn’t have been better & the same goes for the lead up to & New Year, no complaints here – I love my family (standard) and Wales does have its charms.










(Bangor, Llanberis, Harlech, Tenby)

So happy new year you crazy kids, I hope it treats you well & you do the same.



Advent Running Day 1

me before my run!

The 1st of December is upon us & instead of opening little doors to reveal yummy chocolate pieces, I’m going to be ‘Advent Running
I’m really excited about this challenge!
25 runs in 25 days. Can I do this? I hope so.

So how was day 1 for me.

Not too bad.

I haven’t been running since the Conwy half marathon on the 23rd, so I was pretty fresh. The 1st mile was awesome. Loved it, but then my stomach pains creeped in (I’m a self diagnosed Gluten intolerant) so I had to stop, have a stretch and walk a few steps. I then ran again slowly & uncomfortably until the pain faded. I made decent time, so I’ll take that!

I also got to wear my new kicks, socks and leggings …. Oh & the boyfriend made me a steak for dinner!





I wonder what tomorrow will bring?
Are you challenging yourself?

Advent Running Day 1

Bringing it back

I’m writing this while on a very delayed train journey from my North Wales (Bangor aye) roots to my now home Cardiff.
As much as a hate being delayed (I should have arrived home about 40 minutes ago, but I think I have about an hour and a half to go) it’s the perfect opportunity to get me blogging again.
I’ve been really feeling the ‘not enough hours in the day’ pain of late and it’s the ‘me’ time that seems to be baring the brunt of it. That doesn’t mean I’ve not been getting any enjoyment from life, but my time is being sucked up by the more practical & grown up duties life throws at us like washing up & picking up dog shit!

I could go into detail about the ups & downs of buying a house and the challenges a new puppy brings, but that would most definitely end up in this post being very dull as I imagine Cheryl Coles autobiography to be (Oh I love me dogs), which would result in me wasting even more of my precious time, so instead I’m going to focus on the things I am going to bring back into my life, so that I feel I’m controlling my day instead of it controlling (or so it feels) me.

Now, on the 23rd of November I’ll be entering the final year of my 20’s, so what better way to celebrate than with a half marathon time of 1:59:59. This is the aim anyway, so this month I really need to go hard on the training – I’ve recently joined a really lovely running club so I now need to fully immerse myself into their different sessions & I need to start dragging myself out into the wild before work so that before the daily grind grabs me by the throat, I’ve already done something for me.

Yoga is another thing I need to get back into. I miss trying to be a pigeon and I love the clarity a bit of yoga can bring to my over active mind, I think twice a week is a realistic aim – all I need is my yoga studio app, I love it.

Still firmly on the subject of fitness – I’m studying (aka trying to, but failing badly) online through Fitness Industry Education to be a Personal Trainer. I’m really interested in the body health & fitness wise, but I’m never awake enough after work to take any new information in. Now this needs to take priority for at least a few hours a week. Any help with this – VERY WELCOME!

Blogging. Now this post is a really good start. There is something really satisfying about sharing my experiences & thoughts, commenting on fashion like the guru that I am and harping on about life with the hope it inspires (doubtful), intrigues or just amuses someone for a short time, I also think it’s a great tool to document stages in life as I do tend to forget a lot and it’s fun reading back over old posts that often have the power to take you right back to that time, so I’m also bringing blogging back (you other bloggers don’t know act…) …

I’ll leave it there for now, because I’ve got to stop somewhere and start something else.


Bringing it back

3 Ways Yoga Can Help You Lose Weight

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3 Ways Yoga Can Help You Lose Weight


Today I feel proud of myself!
I’ve been getting terrible pains in my lower abs off and on, while running for a good few years now & have recently figured out that it’s likely to be a wheat/gluten or an egg allergy.

Yesterday I was a bit naughty and ate some berry tart (it was yummy) & during what was supposed to be a 5 mile run today , I found myself having to stop due to the usual horrible pains. Luckily I was not in a beyond amount of pain, but it was too uncomfortable to continue, so I started walking towards home, which is quite often impossible (there have been many a time when I’ve had to call the boy to come pick me up) , but today the pain slowly but surely faded away, thank goodness!

I’d managed 2 miles at this point.
I wanted to do 5.
I had a little word with myself.
Should I go home & try again tomorrow? What if I try another 3 miles as I’ve done 2 already? Maybe I should start again and attempt the 5 miles? Mmm … Choices.

I opted for the 5 miles, after all this is what I’d set out to do.
It wasn’t easy. I was so thirsty and my legs were already tired after the 2 miles, but I was determined to carry on and I did it, I actually did it!
Running is no doubt mind over matter at times and today the one saying running through my mind was –

‘Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done


You should try it, it works.