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The Plan.

I need a routine & I need it now.
Here is the plan.

On Monday aka payday I will be signing up for the Wales Half Marathon on July 13th, by handing over my pennies I am committing to this, which will be the kick up the arse that I need.


Now, I’ve started swimming once a week & I don’t plan on stopping. This falls on a Tuesday. I will therefore try to do my Tuesday run in the morning if I can and see how it goes.

Last week I paid a whole £1.99 for a yoga app – Yoga Studio. I’ve used it 3 times this week, it’s perfect! I really want to try to do at least 15 minutes of yoga a day, even more on my rest days, just to help me unwind really, something I find pretty difficult.

Weight training needs to be done too, I do love my bar. I love my squats, lunges & dead lifts. I also really want to improve my planking (I could do this in the morning anyway) …. This can be done on Wednesdays I guess, straight after my run, or maybe on Friday …. This is going to be tough isn’t it?

Any advice on this? How do you plan your workouts?

Where am I fitting in my studies then? Monday is a rest day, so I will try to fit in 2 hours here. Thursday is also a rest day, but as I’m always shattered by Thursday, realistically it’s not going to happen, but if I’m not cream crackered I’ll attempt an hour. Sunday evening will have to be where the bulk of my work happens – no excuses!

This is the plan batman.

I CAN do this.



Share and share alike.


Think I’m on track with my new year resolutions. How are yours going? Bx

Originally posted on My Little Bexi and The Horrible Fox:

It’s that time of year where we reflect on the last & come up with silly resolution most of us never stick to – and that my friends is quite possibly what I’m about to do now.


Now this is what my future looks like.

Me too.
It goes a little bit like this – in no particular order.

- Grow hair. I’d like Emma Willis hair please.


- Get a six pack. I just really, really want one! I’m quite dedicated at the mo with my early gym sessions, but I do need to work on the old diet if I really want to reach this goal ….. Is it time to put the wine down?

- Whoops, this one involves the vino too. I don’t want the quit alcomihol, I just want to not feel like a have to if others do & know my limits –…

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A love of fitness & a love of learning…

I’ve not really mentioned this yet, but I have very recently signed up to do a Personal Training qualification. I will be doing this as a distance study course through ‘Fitness Industry Education’.

I love fitness and I really want to enhance my knowledge and hopefully pass my enjoyment on to others.

I’m not 100% certain how I’d like my career in this to pan out, I just have a desire to know more and to get better.

I now need to motivate myself to get reading!

Anyone else doing there PT or any other fitness courses? Would love to hear from you to share ideas & experiences.




Half of me feels like I’ve not done enough this week, while the other half of me is quite proud of my achievements.

After my 2 Sunday classes, I decided I’d rest on Monday.
Tuesday however consisted of ‘Beach Bodies’ & Swimming. What is ‘Beach Bodies’ (?) I hear you ask. I’m still wondering to be honest. It was a 45 minute class that was almost aerobics to begin with, ( which doesn’t suit my co-ordination problem ) there were a few hand weights thrown in, some squats & lunges, followed by some planks and crunches. I’d say I almost broke a sweat, my arms did feel some pain & my thighs defo had a workout, but I’m not sure it’s the class for me, but I may give it another go.

Now onto the Swimming. What is Swimming (?) I hear you ask …. Well for me, it’s usually ( I say this like I go often – I can’t remember the last time I went ) a relaxed breast stroke, but not on Tuesday.
My lovely friend Sali is an epic swimmer & teacher, so I was lucky enough to have her help and direction in improving my weak front crawl. I want to improve my font crawl as I really fancy doing a triathlon. At the beginning of our swim Sali pointed out the things I needed to work on. I did some lengths with a float as I think my head tends to be too high & legs too low. I couldn’t do a decent 25m to be honest, but by the end of the hour I felt like I’d had a breakthrough. I managed a few decent 25m lengths & this made me soooo happy! My target for this week is to do a decent 50m, which excites me. I loved my swimming sesh! I’ve also invested now, so I have to continue!



By Wednesday my body & mind however told me to rest. I felt exhausted – I find sitting in front of a computer all day does that to you as well as the joys our female bodies get to go through on a monthly basis.
I feel a little guilty to have had 3 rest days, but sometimes you’ve just got to listen to your amazing body.
Today I may to some skipping & planking, but I’ll get back on it properly on Sunday – Body Balance & Pump it is.

Enjoy your weekend!


Fitting in!

Now as I’ve said, I do enjoy the gym, I love to just let go, zone out and get sweaty!
On Friday I joined a new gym in Wales’ Capital City, Cardiff and to be honest, I’m not too sure that this gym is quite scene.
I for one go to the gym fully dressed, by this I mean I wear a top & some sports leggings. I don’t wear make-up, unless you count the scraps left on my work face.
I sweat and I get red faced because I generally consider the gym to be a safe place in which I’m allowed to look my worst!

In this gym, the majority of the girls I saw didn’t seem to agree.

Some came in their knickers & bra. Yes, the sporty type, but still. The make-up scattered around was more than I’d sport on a night out and apart from the bulky men, I didn’t see much sweating.
Maybe this is the norm, but I seriously didn’t think places like this existed apart from on the telly, (I’m a sucker for TOWIE me) I honestly didn’t know where to look.
Not only this, being there made me feel like a fat scruffy beast!

This led me to wonder what I should look for when considering a gym.

Apart from the obvious – plenty of cardio machines, a good free weight section, room to squat and a variety of resistance machine -
I want to feel comfortable, I want to feel welcome in every section of the gym, I want to see clearly where everything is. I want some space. I also don’t want to feel conscious of how I look – I’m not there to impress, I’m there to improve.

Am I asking too much?
What do you look for in a gym?

This aside, today I gave the gym a second chance and thinking it may be a safer environment, I booked myself on to two classes. The first of which was – Body Balance.
I’d never done this before so I wasn’t to sure what to expect. It was described as a mixture of Yoga & Pilates. I’d practiced Yoga about 3 times before & enjoyed, so thought why the devil not.
To begin I didn’t know what was happening. The moves were graceful, mine weren’t. I felt like a wally. About 10 minutes in a few familiar Yoga moves came into play, so I was back in the game. By the end of the session I felt relaxed and energised, though disappointed with my inability to touch my toes, (I can almost reach my shin) this is something I WILL be working on.
The second class, straight after this was – Body Pump.
I’d done a similar class in my old gym so knew I’d at least get it. I love this class. It’s solid, but amaze. I’ve never worked my arms & shoulders so much in my life and I know I will be in a world of pain tomorrow, I actually doubt I’ll be able to lift a pen, which I kind of look forward to.

Now while all this was happening, my boy went and bought me a new sports bag! How nice is he? And how nice is this?


Now for this week I’ve booked myself onto two different classes there, Yoga & Beach Bodies, I really hope I enjoy.

My weeks workout agenda looks a little bit like this – Beach Bodies, Swimming, Running, Yoga & Kangoo!
I’ll let you know how they go.

Have a positive week everyone.

Do it YOUR way.



Last week I moved house – again. This time from my home city of Bangor to the bright lights of Cardiff, well, just outside really, but hey.

For just under a year, me & my main man have been living apart, separated by that damn A470. It’s been hard work, I’m not going to lie, but I’m certain we are stronger for it.


Living in Bangor again after about 9 years away wasn’t without it’s challenges either, but there was one particularly amazing aspects to being back home – I got to spend time with my incredible family. Being one of seven children, there is never really a dull moment, and even if one was to occur my gorgeous niece & nephew are never far away – not to mention my cheeky 90 year old gran, who I had the privilege of staying with for about 7 months. She is mad and very special, much like the rest of the Williams’! I will miss seeing this lot all the time, but I will be visiting more often and expecting more visits for sure!

A really positive distraction for me when I was in Bangor Aye was ‘The Gym’. A love I have been trying to fit in with my new little life down here this week. For the first few days here I was ‘settling in’ aka ‘being lazy’ & eating things I’d adjusted to not eating (i.e pre packed sandwiches) aka ‘being lazy’ and just all in all making myself feel a bit rubbish. Then on Friday after work, I joined a gym. I will tell you a little more about this experience in my next post, but even considering the things that I will share, this was a really positive move for me as I really want & need to continue to do things I enjoy & things that make me feel good about myself, so let’s hope I can get away from the rubbish me feeling (beginning on the week) and get back on top form by the end of the week.

Now with a new move, it was imperative that I got a new job, so that’s what I did. I was really lucky to get a transfer from one department to another, on the other side of the country, and so far, (I know it’s only been a week) so good!

So there you have it. A new City, back with my boy, new digs, (back at in-laws house until we find a place to buy!) a new regime, new gym, more roads to adjust too and a new job.
Exciting times.
I love a change.