3 Ways Yoga Can Help You Lose Weight

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It seems today’s society is obsessed with losing weight. Every other commercial on TV is a diet pill, an ab-sculpting device or a low-fat, “diet” product. This is not a big surprise of course, considering how sedentary our lifestyle is. We sit and watch TV, we sit in our car to drive places, we sit at a desk at work, and we feed our bodies with quick, high-calorie, low-nutrition food and drinks. Why? Because it’s fast and convenient, and often, cheap! It’s sad but the reality seems to be that society is pushing us into unhealthy habits and an epidemic of weight gain, at least here, in North America. What can we do to escape this? My answer is simple: we can do yoga! :) Yoga is first and foremost a mental and spiritual practice, and second, a physical one. Sure, the physical practice of yoga is great for keeping the…

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Today I feel proud of myself!
I’ve been getting terrible pains in my lower abs off and on, while running for a good few years now & have recently figured out that it’s likely to be a wheat/gluten or an egg allergy.

Yesterday I was a bit naughty and ate some berry tart (it was yummy) & during what was supposed to be a 5 mile run today , I found myself having to stop due to the usual horrible pains. Luckily I was not in a beyond amount of pain, but it was too uncomfortable to continue, so I started walking towards home, which is quite often impossible (there have been many a time when I’ve had to call the boy to come pick me up) , but today the pain slowly but surely faded away, thank goodness!

I’d managed 2 miles at this point.
I wanted to do 5.
I had a little word with myself.
Should I go home & try again tomorrow? What if I try another 3 miles as I’ve done 2 already? Maybe I should start again and attempt the 5 miles? Mmm … Choices.

I opted for the 5 miles, after all this is what I’d set out to do.
It wasn’t easy. I was so thirsty and my legs were already tired after the 2 miles, but I was determined to carry on and I did it, I actually did it!
Running is no doubt mind over matter at times and today the one saying running through my mind was –

‘Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done


You should try it, it works.


MyLittleBexi Facebook Page….

As you may already know – I make jewellery. Mainly bracelets, though I enjoy to dabble in necklaces & will soon be making anklets! I cannot wait – bring on the summer time!
I’m a little bit rubbish at keeping my blog up to date – but if you’d like to purchase, or even just ogle my charms, check out my Facebook!


Let me know what you think and please feel free to spread the word!



The Plan.

I need a routine & I need it now.
Here is the plan.

On Monday aka payday I will be signing up for the Wales Half Marathon on July 13th, by handing over my pennies I am committing to this, which will be the kick up the arse that I need.


Now, I’ve started swimming once a week & I don’t plan on stopping. This falls on a Tuesday. I will therefore try to do my Tuesday run in the morning if I can and see how it goes.

Last week I paid a whole £1.99 for a yoga app – Yoga Studio. I’ve used it 3 times this week, it’s perfect! I really want to try to do at least 15 minutes of yoga a day, even more on my rest days, just to help me unwind really, something I find pretty difficult.

Weight training needs to be done too, I do love my bar. I love my squats, lunges & dead lifts. I also really want to improve my planking (I could do this in the morning anyway) …. This can be done on Wednesdays I guess, straight after my run, or maybe on Friday …. This is going to be tough isn’t it?

Any advice on this? How do you plan your workouts?

Where am I fitting in my studies then? Monday is a rest day, so I will try to fit in 2 hours here. Thursday is also a rest day, but as I’m always shattered by Thursday, realistically it’s not going to happen, but if I’m not cream crackered I’ll attempt an hour. Sunday evening will have to be where the bulk of my work happens – no excuses!

This is the plan batman.

I CAN do this.



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Think I’m on track with my new year resolutions. How are yours going? Bx

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It’s that time of year where we reflect on the last & come up with silly resolution most of us never stick to – and that my friends is quite possibly what I’m about to do now.


Now this is what my future looks like.

Me too.
It goes a little bit like this – in no particular order.

– Grow hair. I’d like Emma Willis hair please.


– Get a six pack. I just really, really want one! I’m quite dedicated at the mo with my early gym sessions, but I do need to work on the old diet if I really want to reach this goal ….. Is it time to put the wine down?

– Whoops, this one involves the vino too. I don’t want the quit alcomihol, I just want to not feel like a have to if others do & know my limits –…

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A love of fitness & a love of learning…

I’ve not really mentioned this yet, but I have very recently signed up to do a Personal Training qualification. I will be doing this as a distance study course through ‘Fitness Industry Education’.

I love fitness and I really want to enhance my knowledge and hopefully pass my enjoyment on to others.

I’m not 100% certain how I’d like my career in this to pan out, I just have a desire to know more and to get better.

I now need to motivate myself to get reading!

Anyone else doing there PT or any other fitness courses? Would love to hear from you to share ideas & experiences.




Half of me feels like I’ve not done enough this week, while the other half of me is quite proud of my achievements.

After my 2 Sunday classes, I decided I’d rest on Monday.
Tuesday however consisted of ‘Beach Bodies’ & Swimming. What is ‘Beach Bodies’ (?) I hear you ask. I’m still wondering to be honest. It was a 45 minute class that was almost aerobics to begin with, ( which doesn’t suit my co-ordination problem ) there were a few hand weights thrown in, some squats & lunges, followed by some planks and crunches. I’d say I almost broke a sweat, my arms did feel some pain & my thighs defo had a workout, but I’m not sure it’s the class for me, but I may give it another go.

Now onto the Swimming. What is Swimming (?) I hear you ask …. Well for me, it’s usually ( I say this like I go often – I can’t remember the last time I went ) a relaxed breast stroke, but not on Tuesday.
My lovely friend Sali is an epic swimmer & teacher, so I was lucky enough to have her help and direction in improving my weak front crawl. I want to improve my font crawl as I really fancy doing a triathlon. At the beginning of our swim Sali pointed out the things I needed to work on. I did some lengths with a float as I think my head tends to be too high & legs too low. I couldn’t do a decent 25m to be honest, but by the end of the hour I felt like I’d had a breakthrough. I managed a few decent 25m lengths & this made me soooo happy! My target for this week is to do a decent 50m, which excites me. I loved my swimming sesh! I’ve also invested now, so I have to continue!



By Wednesday my body & mind however told me to rest. I felt exhausted – I find sitting in front of a computer all day does that to you as well as the joys our female bodies get to go through on a monthly basis.
I feel a little guilty to have had 3 rest days, but sometimes you’ve just got to listen to your amazing body.
Today I may to some skipping & planking, but I’ll get back on it properly on Sunday – Body Balance & Pump it is.

Enjoy your weekend!